The Tour de France is on and unusually exciting. I’ve not paid for Eurosport this year - the number of ad breaks and the quality of the commentating isn’t enough to justify the fee. Last year I was on a new subscriber deal that was about what a regular single sport subscription should probably cost. I’ve been watching this year on ITV. I’ve always avoided ITV’s streaming services and this just reminds me why - no casting of the live stream, Flash is used in the browser (at least on Linux) and there seems to be a long delay between live streams finishing and the show being available on catch-up.

What really surprised though is that there isn’t a regular radio stream of the cycling. Occaisionaly 5 live extra seems to have some, but they’ve been mostly on Wimbledon/cricket/F1 over the past week. Seeing as most people consume the races mostly in the background it seems like radio would be a good option, especially as the vast majority of the races happen during the working day.