This week I have been:

personal computing

  • added ability to refresh all icons in bookmark manager. I also learned a bit more about how to best handle Results in Rust.
  • auto switching on wifi networks seems to be broken. Not an easy problem to solve without being able to easily turn different access points on and off to test.


  • Pasta with almond, basil and pecorino. I definitely need to learn to allow the fresh spaghetti to dry out a bit before cooking it. The final texture isn’t quite right at the moment.
  • I took last week’s left over pork wontons and added a cantonese dried shrimp broth. I really like the apporach of creating an aromatic water for the wonton filling, rather than having chopped up pieces of spring onion and ginger. The end result just seems much more polished and has more consistent flavour.

eating out