This week I have been:

personal computing 💻

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in bookmark manager. Did a fair amount of refactoring while I was at it. Rust’s type system and helpful compiler output really makes this easy (until you hit a “borrow” problem).
  • Expanded out some of the functionality of my Todoist CLI App, including adding an interactive mode with tab completion.
  • Played around with a bit of HTML, migrating my bookmarks display to use a flexbox for layout. It now looks good on both Firefox and Chrome, although not sure why Chrome mangled the layout so badly before.

cooking 🍳

  • Butter Chicken from Maunika Gowardhan’s Indian Kitchen. Pretty simple and amazingly tasty.
  • Mongolian Sticky Crispy Beef.
  • Fresh pasta with flank steak ragu.
  • Pizza with rocket and pecorino.

Life ⽣

  • Stuck inside in the snow for most of the week. Glad to not have to be heading into the office every day.