This week I have been:

Technology 💻

Picked up a pair of (bluetooth headphones)[] for my commute and gardening. I’m sick of getting the cable caught on things. There’s a trade off between convenience and audio quality, but when you get too much cable noise from wired headphones I’m not sure that’s a bad trade off.

I’m still on the fence about the trend of moving the DAC out of phones and into headphones/external devices, and how that plays forward with laptops. The biggest issue I have is that I don’t really want my headphones to have a battery life, particularly for something like flying.

Garden 🏡

Rain this week meant not much happening in the garden. The tidy up I did last week is paying dividends though; there are a lot of new shoots springing up. I’ve picked up somem fertilser, so hopefully that will really kick start spring.

Life ⽣

I’m still going strong with overnight oats. It’s a tiny thing but it does optimise the morning routine, while still getting some variety in. I suspect I should start looking for an alternative to maple syrup.

Went to the new restaurant (Hide)[] by Ollie Dabbous. It’s not cheap but the food is really pretty.