This week I have been:

Technology 💻

I’ve got my NAS hooked back up to my TV and hi-fi. I’m enjoying digging through some old tracks that I just wouldn’t have listened to on spotify. There’s definitely something to be said for owning tracks, rather then streaming, and carefully choosing what to invest in. It’s also clear that Spotify is underpriced, and Netflix must be very underpriced. Is there going to be a reckoning someday when these services become significantly more expensive.

Life ⽣

After a blazing hot week I was hoping to get in the garden over the weekend. That didn’t happen much for 2 reasons:

  1. It was a bit rainy.
  2. Royal Mail don’t seem to understand what a scheduled delivery meanse, so after having to wait in all day I still didn’t get my parcel.

I really need to buy a wireless doorbell but can’t decide on what features I want/need.

I did still get to do some gardening - planting 2 penstemon and 2 rudbeckia, donated by my mum - let’s see if they survive the garden transplant.

Food 🍽

Had a birthday dinner with Christine at new restaurant Bright, in London Fields. There was something very Parisian about the service and the slight asian influence on European cuisine.

Also had a great takeaway pizza from Yard Sale Pizza. Very lucky to have them in Leytonstone, especially with Happy Endings desserts.