This week I have been:

personal computing 💻

Now I’ve set up home assistant it’s showing me just how disfunctional Nest is. I’m not sure what there is smart about Nest. The most obvious way to determine if it should be in away mode is to watch a small number of MAC addresses to see if they’re within wifi range or not. This took 2 minutes to set up with home assistant. It turns out that my Nest thermostat was going into away mode, but then within an hour of being away would switch back to home mode.

If being connected to the cloud for intelligence doesn’t add anything then why should I expose my house to the internet. I’m going to lookfor more devices that can be controlled by a home brain.

Cooking 🍳

I cooked Delia’s moussaka for father’s day. It may not be a fully traditional recipe, but there is something lovely and homely about this recipe. Delia may be old fashioned but that doesn’t mean we should ignore her recipes.