personal computing 💻

I’ve splashed out on a Kindle. I came to the realisation that Google Play Books is essentially abandoned - it receives new books but there are a lot of issues with the content. The publishers care more about Kindle so the reader gets a better experience there. A refurbished Paperwhite also comes in at a pretty fair seeming price.

Cooking 🍳

I had a Japanese week 2 weeks ago, tonkatsu and okonmiyaki. This week I was back on safer ground with indian and thai. I’m increasingly convinced that it’s almost impossible to produce great thai food without good connections for getting ingredients. Indian ingredients are pervasive enough that it’s not an issue.

I’ve also discovered the world of gastronorm pans. They seem like they’re a great choice for the hom cook - stack neatly, dry quickly out the dishwasher and look good. They’re also relatively cheap an infinitely more hygenic than the old plastic bowls and pots I’ve been using.

Life 👨

I’ve started cycling back into work again. The aim this time is not to dress in lycra. This means generally slowing down, which is probably a good thing. Given cycling saves £30 a week on transport and it’s just as fast it’s definitely worth the effort.