I’m cancelling Netflix. In the past 4 weeks I’ve not watched it at all. There are a couple of good series on it, but considering I get Amazon Prime Video as well it just doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to keep Netflix going.

The problem I have with streaming services is that their program depth is pretty shallow; they’ll have a couple of good films and then a lot of crap to make it look like they have a wide catalogue.

I reckon I would be better off if I could ditch the streaming services and buy films to keep. I don’t want physical media, I want a download that will outlast any individual provider, not so encumbered by DRM that Amazon could take it away from me again. This doesn’t exist though, and I feel bad paying for what is effectively a non time limited rental.

I have started buying the occaisional album again - DRM free and in high quality. I’ve reduced the amount I’m using Spotify because I’m listening to just the great tunes that I love, rather than an endless mix that I never remember what’s playing.

Are there other areas in my life where unlimited choice gives me a worse experience?