This week has been another scorcher. I’ve been trying to find builders to do some small renovation on our house with no luck. I guess they’re mostly on holiday, and the ones that aren’t are just busy.

🎼 Music

This week I’ve had Punch Brothers - All Ashore on pretty much constant loop. My favourite track at the moment is The Angel of Doubt - it’s an amazing blend of bluegrass, hip hop and baroque string lines.

📚 Books

I’ve just finished Wild Swans by Jung Chan. It recounts the lives of 3 women through late 19th and 20th Century China, focusing mainly on the effects of Maoist China. It’s a very powerful warning of how quickly a cult of personality can effect change in society and should serve as a stark warning when placed in the context of the US.

🍽 Food

I’ve found the perfect Chicken Noodle Salad recipe. Most of Maggie’s recipes are great, but this one perfectly replicates the flavour I remember from Hong Kong and haven’t been able to find since. It’s pungent with garlic and beautifully nutty. Not one to eat before getting close to anybody though.