💻 Work

I’ve spent most of this week dealing with Terraform, to the extent that I feel like I’ve picked up a really good grounding on it, as well as understanding some of it’s limitations. The biggest issue I’ve had with it is failure to tear down infrastructure due to dependency chains. These are things I was able to resolve manually but TF is definitely not completely hands free.

🎼 Music

I’ve been wanting to see the Sleaford Mods for a couple of years but have missed their gigs. I’ve finally got tickets to one of their London shows so it’s time to stick them back on the streaming.

📚 Books

I’m still working through the Sharpe series of books. They are pure escapsism, and I make myself feel better about reading them by mixing it up a bit, alternating between Sharpe books and slightly more serious books. Nexts up is Hans Rosling’s Factfulness - it’s on most must read lists so it’s about time I got to it.