🏡 House

More carpet lifting this week, this time in the master bedroom. I found where the moth’s have been hanging out. Shifting this carpet should mostly resolve the moth problem. Now it’s on to finding an electrician and cracking on with deocorating.

📚 Books

Collusion: How Russia helped Trump Win the White House is a fantastic primer on the current Trump investigations. It really makes it clear how obvious the collusion is. There can be no possible other ending than Trump being disgraced. That being said, before the book has even made it to general paperback release there have been significant developments, like the finding guilty of Paul Manafort, that already makes the content seem dated.

I’m back on the Sharpe train again, this week reading Sharpe’s Eagle, the original sharp book. It’s fascinating how Bernard Cornwell’s writing style changed over time. The first 7 books are all about 11-12 chapters of an even length. That makes it great for pacing your reading and dipping in to. Sharpe’s Eagle is very different - the chapters are all very haphazard in length, which makes some sense given the content, and when you get a series of short chapters in a row I definitely find myself dragging a reading session on a bit longer.