🏡 House

No house work this week. Instead I’ve actually managed to find a local electrician that can move us forward. The plan is electrics, decoration then flooring. After that we’ll be complete for now.

I got my bike setup for winter - new tyres that actually have a bit of tread and mud guards back on. Ironically it was too wet to actually try them out on Saturday after I fitted them so let’s hope the hold up for work.

📚 Books

Reading progress has been slow this week - a combination of work and being out. I’m enjoying the different cultural viewpoint of ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ and it being a story set around events that I have no knowledge of - the civil war in Nigeria. I am finding the writing style a bit hard going though, which I think is more about the editor than the author in this case. There is far too much foreshadowing that feeld clunky and diminishes the surprise going forwards.