🏡 House

Electrics all done and paint test pots bought. It turns out we didn’t like any of the colours we bought testers of. After getting home with them an dbeing disappointed I remebered that Dulux have an augmented reality app - Dulux Visualiser. I wish we had looked at this earlier as it’s really got us thinking in a different direction with colours.

💻 Computing

I’ve now taken to disabling custom fonts in my web browsers. I suspected that this might improve some experience of the web but there are some website that this has had a really profound effect on loading speed, even with JavaScript disabled. Wired is probably the site that has sped up the most, and gone from being a pain to use to really snappy.

📚 Books

How had I not got round to reading any Haruki Murakami before. This week I read ‘Norwegian Wood’, which apparently is quite unlike most of the rest of his work. It’s a reasonably plotless but totally absorbing emotional journey. I do think that you probably have to be of a certain age to enjoy the story - it’s all through the perspective of the main characters memory of a relationship in his 20s, and it helps to be able to identify with that reflectiveness.