💻 Computing

It’s amazing how different the process of contributing to different open source projects can be. One the one hand there’s something like homeassistant.io, where you have to sign a CLA and there’s generally going to be a fair amount of back and forth on even simple changes. On the other there is helm, where my (admittedly tiny) PR was reviewed, corrections suggested by automated systems, and then accepted without any conversation all within a couple of hours - a really frictionless contributing experience.

This week I’m going to be participating in a Rolls Royce hackathon. It’s an exciting area to be in as the Sheffield engineering innovation scene is a future pillar for UK economic development. 🤞

📚 Books

All I had time for this week was another Sharpe novel. Sharpe’s Escape felt a bit more of leap from true history than the previous stories have. Tbat’s not to say it was worse - in fact some of the action was a lot better. I would prefer a bit more character development at this point, but it’s slightly hampered by each book needing to be it’s own standalone story.